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Overcome Relationship Challenges with Online Relationship Counseling in Arlington, VA

Learn how to work through challenges in your relationships so you can create healthy and meaningful connections.

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Are your relationships leaving you feeling unfilled, disconnected, or confused?

All relationships can feel like a roller coaster ride at times — there are ups, downs, and moments of calm.

But when a relationship is out of balance for too long, it can lead to:

  • Loss of trust
  • Chronic miscommunication
  • Power struggles
  • Unresolved conflicts
  • Limited emotional support
  • Lack of intimacy
  • Feelings of resentment

As a result, you may be left wondering — how did we get here, and how can I fix it?

You can reconnect and repair your partnership with relationship counseling in Arlington, VA.

Relationships are complicated.

When a relationship is struggling, it can be hard to clearly see what’s happening, what went wrong, and what needs to change to improve the situation.

But it can get better.

My therapy for relationship challenges can help you:

  • Gain perspective on your current relationship difficulties.
  • Learn how to set healthy relationship boundaries.
  • Explore how past relationship habits and patterns are impacting your current situation.
  • Learn healthy communication tools and strategies.
  • Identify and work through feelings, stress, or trust issues.
  • Learn how to identify when you can and can’t fix something so you can let go of guilt when you can’t solve a problem.
  • Work through and heal personal issues, unresolved trauma, or past experiences that you bring into relationships.

Discover what you want from relationships in a safe, judgment-free space.

Online therapy for relationship challenges can provide you with a safe, non-judgmental space to explore your relationship challenges, feelings, and relationship habits and patterns.

Sessions are tailored to meet your needs. We work collaboratively at your pace so you feel supported and can focus on the areas and issues important to you.

My integrative, person-centered therapeutic approach helps us maintain focus on your situation and goals. We’ll incorporate skills, techniques, and strategies from various evidence-based methods, including:

  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT)
  • Brief Psychodynamic Therapy
  • Strengths-Based Therapy
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“The quality I value most in a health care practitioner is their ability to listen. Zack has a unique talent to appreciate a person’s story with empathy and understanding. What he does for in the office goes a long way for you outside the office. Highly recommend him!!”


“Zack is a true professional and embodies what I respect most in a clinician. He embodies a balance of compassion, hard work, and seeks excellence and results. As a fellow practitioner of 32 years I admire Zack tremendously. I would trust him implicitly to care for you and help you along your journey.”


“Zack is fantastic. There have been times I felt like a complete mess and talking to him for even 10 minutes helped immensely. He is a great listener, has super helpful insights, and always has a well-timed joke. I can’t thank him enough for the positive energy he has brought to my life.”

Feel more confident, secure, and connected in your relationships.

You can create healthy, fulfilling relationships. Get the support, insights, and tools that you need to make the changes you want with online therapy in Arlington, VA. Additionally, I also provide online therapy to residents of Virginia, Connecticut, and Washington D.C. 

Schedule an appointment or consultation directly online.